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Manufacturer of Quality Parts


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      Builders of the PDW & PCC 

R&D Precision manufactures custom parts at competitive prices using top quality equipment from Haas, Kaast, Samsung and more.   


R&D Precision was started in 2003 from

the CEO of our company's home garage with a Haas Tool room mill and some support equipment.  We started out building tooling for CNC's for clients  in Washington state. Today we build and machine gun parts for customers across the United States.   


Thank you so much for making such a great product that enables me to quickly change out my lower from standard ar-15 to a reliable 9mm colt lower.

Roger Cote / Mag-well Conversion Parts

Excellent customer service and expert craftsmanship from Randy and his crew and very top notch parts!

Carlos Vergara

Rainier Arms 1.jpg

PW9 Available here

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